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Achari Qeema Recipe

Achari Qeema

Achari Qeema is an Indian Pakistani dish cooked with main ingredients mince meat and verity of pickles, as the name suggests.
Achaar, a word for pickles in Indo-Aryan languages in India and Pakistan made from certain varieties of vegetables and fruits - finely chopped and marinated in brine or edible oils along with various Indian spices. Some varieties of fruits and vegetables are small enough to be used whole.
 Some geographic regions specialize in pickling meats and fish.


1: Mutton mince 1kg

2: Variety of pickle 2tbs (finely chopped)

3: Cooking oil half cup

4: Onion 1 medium (chopped)

5: Tomatoes 3 medium (sliced)

6: Red chilli powder 1tbs

7: Salt 1ts or (to taste)

8: coriander chopped 1tbs

9: Black cumin powder half tea spoon

10: Lemon juice 1ts

11: Cumin seed powder 1ts

12: Ginger & Garlic paste 1tbs

13: Green chillies 3 (chopped)


Heat the oil in a pan and put onions in cook till onions are light brown on medium flame,
Add ginger & garlic paste and mince meat cook well.
Add red chilli powder, salt, tomatoes, cumin seed powder, lemon juice, black cumin powder and cook on low flame till the oil comes on surface.
Add pickles variety and green chillies and cook for about 4 minutes.
Garnish with chopped coriander and serve hot with Chappaties, Naans or boiled rice.

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