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MURGH MALAI (cream chicken)

Murgh Malahi is an Indian Pakistani cuisine but it is used in the restaurants all over Indian subcontinent. The main ingredients in this dish are used cream and chicken.
Herbals and spices used in this are similar all over subcontinent with a small difference according to the customer, Its very simple and tasty recipe.
We can not get Malai in United Kingdom so we use cream which is same as malai,
The way malai is made in Indian subcontinent is heating non-homogenized whole milk to about 80 °C (180 °F) for about one hour and then allowing to cool.
A thick yellowish layer of fat and coagulated proteins forms on the surface, which is skimmed off. Hope you will like it.


1: chicken 1 kg

2: water 1 cup

3: green chillies 6 (grinded)

4: salt 2 ts

5: ginger & garlic paste 1 ts

6: onions 2 large (grinded)

7: tomatoes 3 medium (sliced)

8: double cream 1/2 cup
9: butter 25g
10:garam masala powder 1ts

11: red chilli powder 2ts

12: fresh coriander handful (chopped finely)

13: Cooking oil 1/2 cup

14: Lemon juice 1 tbs


In a pan add chicken, water, lemon juice, ginger & garlic paste, salt, green chillies and mix it all, cover it half and cook chicken on low to medium flame till the chicken is half cooked.
Drain and put it on the side.
Heat the oil add the Onion paste and fry till light golden on high flame.
Add tomatoes, salt, red chilli, coriander and water mix it and cook on medium flame till the oil comes on surface and the tomatoes are cooked.
add chicken, cream, garam masala and butter mix it well keep high flame till it starts boiling.
Now lower the flame to medium and cook till the curry gets thick and oil comes on surface.
Sprinkle fresh coriander and mix.
Serve with chappaties, naans or boiled rice.

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