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Roasted Turkey Bites Recipe

Roasted Turkey Bites

Hope you enjoyed your Xmas and had lots of turkey.
This year we tried something different with our turkey and believe me it was the best turkey we have ever had. Because the meat is so dry we never fined our turkey for last God know how many year.
So this year we thought lets change the way we have been making it, we bought 8kg turkey for £38.00 from local shop and what we did was split it in 2 halves, we roasted one half yesterday and making one half today. Yesterday it was steam roasted bites with Indian spices.
It was so yummy and juicy it was gone within 20 minutes.
Everyone loved it and they wanted more, hope you will like it as well.


1: Turkey meat boneless 3 kg (bite size pieces)

2: Potatoes 4 medium sliced

3: Green peas handful

4: Sweetcorn handful

5: Tandoori masala 2tbs

6: Salt to taste

7: Red chili flakes 1ts

8: Lemon juice 2tbs

9: Yogurt 3tbs

10 Cooking oil 2tbs

11: Onion 1 medium sliced

12: Lemon half sliced


In a big bowl add tandoori masala, salt, red chilli flakes, lemon juice, yogurt and mix well,
add turkey meat and marinate the meat with your hands (washed), once its well marinated cover it and put it in the fridge for at least six hours so all the flavors go deep into the meat.
Heat the oil in a pan and put marinated meat in, cover it with the lid and cook for 40 minutes on low flame,
add potatoes, green peas, sweetcorn and cover it with the lid and cook for another 20 minutes.
Preheat the oven put everything from the pan into a baking tray, spread it well and put onion slices, lemon slices on top cook till you think its best finish for you.
Enjoy your roasted turkey bites.
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