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Stuffed Spicy Turkey recipe

Stuffed Spicy Turkey

As we all know The holy day of Christians will be celebrated in two days time and that is Christmas.
Christians around the world will be enjoying themselves with traditional food,
every country has its own traditions and their own way of celebrations.
Today I am going to share with you Christmas turkey with Punjabi touch.
I hope this recipe is not only Christmas day food but all your special occasions.


1: Turkey Small about 2 to 3 kg
2: Water as needed

3: Salt 1 ts

4: Skewers 4 (wet them before using)

5: Hair bands (wet them before using)


1: Rice 2 cups

2: Salt half tea spoon

3: Food colour one eighth of ts yellow

4:Almonds 6 pieces (pealed & cut)

5: Cashew nuts 6 pieces (cut)


1: Onions 2 medium (finely chopped)

2: Green Chillies 4 (finely chopped)

3: Cooking oil 3 tbs

4: Red chilli powder 1 tbs levelled 

5: Tomatoes 2 medium (finely chopped)

6: Salt to taste

7: Ginger & Garlic paste Its

8: lemon juice 1 ts

9: Garam Masala

10: spring onions handful (finely chopped)

11: Almond paste 1 ts

12: Cashew nut paste 1 ts


You will need a big pan to boil the turkey, heat the pan and put turkey in and fill with the water and salt cook till turkey is nice and soft, (it may take about an hour) on medium flame,
drain the water and put turkey on the side.
While turkey is boiling you can start preparing the marination on the side,
heat the pan add cooking oil for about 2 minutes on low to medium flame, add onions and cook till the onions are transparent, add red chilli powder and salt and cook for about 2 minutes on low flame, add bit of water, add tomatoes, green chillies, ginger & garlic paste, garam masala, lemon juice cook for about 2 minutes on low flame,
add almond paste, cashew nut paste and spring onions, add half cup water and cook till the water is fully dried and it looks like thick paste, wait till paste gets cold.
heat the water in a pan add food colour, almonds, cashew nuts, salt and rice, cook it rice are cooked the way you want, drain the water and put boiled rice on the side.
Make cuts on the turkey with a knife and rub the marination paste on the turkey inside out, make sure marination is well done now cover the marinated turkey and leave it for about 4 hours.
Stuff the turkey with boiled rice, tie the legs with hair bands and put the skewer through one side of thigh to the other side to cover the hole, repeat from the other side, get another skewer and put it through left side of back going towards right side of front, repeat other side.
Preheat the oven for about 15 minutes and put the turkey in the oven cook for 15 to 20 minutes each side, keep checking every few minutes and from the side of cooking turkey the keep taking the juice (dripped from the cooking turkey) and pour it back on the turkey using spoon.
Put the turkey in the middle of tray and put rest of boiled rice on the sides and serve.

Hope you will like it.
Thank you
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