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Chinese Raita Recipe

Chinese Raita

Raita is an side dish made with yogurt and chopped vegetables with spices of your choice to give it an yummy taste. Raita is a word from Sanskrit language, the word raita comes from two Sanskrit words, 'rajika', which means 'black mustard' and 'tiktaka' meaning 'spicy' or 'pungent'.
The raita is a close relative of Turkish Humus and there are many types of raita as the few types i have written below.

Types of Raita:

1: Mixed vegetable raita

2: Cucumber raita

3: Pineapple raita

4: Pudina raita

5: Boondi raita

6: Aloo raita

7: Baingan raita

8: Sprouted moong raita

9: Sonf raita

10: Chinese raita


1: Yogurt one and half cup

2: Green bell pepper half (finely chopped)

3: Red bell pepper half (finely chopped)

4: Onion 1 (finely chopped)

5: cabbage one forth of cup (grated)

6: Black pepper powder as per taste

7: Salt as per taste

8: Paprika powder half tea spoon (for garnishing) 


Mix bell peppers, onion, black pepper powder, salt in yogurt and refrigerate for few hour.
Garnish with cabbage and paprika powder.

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