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Iskender kebab recipe

─░skender kebab

You travel anyway in the world and they will have their own style of kebab dish. The list of kebab types is in 100s. Iskender (Sikandar, Alexander) kebab is one which has it's own taste and must admit it one of the most delicious kebab in the world and is a must try kebab on trip to Turkey.
It is believed that the name of this kebab took after it's inventor ─░skender Efendi, who lived in Bursa in the late 19th century, but there is also another theory that it was named after Alexander the Great (Iskender in Persian language and Sikandar in Urdu).

It is bit similar to doner kebab with thinner and wider meat strips prepared vertically and served with yogurt and sauce, where as doner kebab is smaller piece of meat prepared horizontally. It is tasty, tender, crispy slivers of vertically roasted meat served with loaf of soft, flat bread called pide or pita bread with melted goat butter and tomato sauce and plain yogurt whipped into creamy texture. Best way to make sauce for this is cook ground tomatoes in goat butter and add some melted goat butter when serving. In my house we love our food a bit more spicier then normal so i made two portions separately, one portion i made was with original recipe and it was delicious and tried second portion with bit of Indian and Pakistani touch and just added lemon and roast masala to the marination and believe me it was yummy. Today i am going to share the Iskender kebab with Indian / Pakistani touch and hope you will love my spicy recipe of Iskender kebab.


1: Lamb meat 2kg (cubes or slices)

2: Onions 4 (finely chopped)

3: Salt as per taste

4: Black pepper as per taste

5: Olive oil 2tbsp

6: Pita bread 3 (round)

7: lemon juice 1tbsp

8: Tomato 2

9: Tomato puree 2tbsp

10: Yogurt 2 cups (plain)

11: Garlic paste 1tsp

12: Butter 4tbsp

13: Cayenne pepper 1 pinch 

14: Chili peppers 5

15: Roast masala 1tbsp


First prepare the marination for the meat.
In a food processor add onions and process till it becomes liquid, discard any remaining onion pulp.
In a bowl add lemon juice, roast masala, salt, pepper, olive oil, and onion juice and mix well, add meat cubes / slices and marinate the meat using your hands (washed), leave for overnight for best results.
Place marinaded lamb pieces onto a skewer and cook on grill, basting with more marinade until brown and tender all over, it should take about 10-15 minutes.
Warm pita on the grill on both sides and keep warm.
Slice the pita into squares, divide into 4 portions and place as a layer on each serving plate.
Add garlic paste and salt in yogurt and mix well.
Spoon onto the pita squares just before adding hot lamb kebabs.
Cut tomatoes in half and grill slowly until hot, don't overcook, as they will become too soft and soggy.
Repeat with the chill peppers.
Mix tomato puree with olive oil and pepper and heat in a small saucepan, add salt to taste, and drizzle over kebabs as it is the meat sauce.
Garnish with the grilled tomatoes and chili peppers.

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