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Spicy Mexican Salad recipe

Spicy Mexican Salad

 Mexican salads are mainly made with vegetables, exotic fruits, chips, spices, and not many of them include meat. As always we are going to give an Indian subcontinent touch to our recipe.
Most of Mexican salads are cousin sisters to Indian / Pakistani salads, like they are very colorful and mainly contain tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, peppers, beans, spices etc... 
Among the most used veggies for the Mexican salads, there are the cucumbers and tomatoes: cool cucumber salad with jalapeno, garden tomatoes salad, the refreshing cucumber salsa or the tomatoes celery salsa in tomatoes juice. Lets start with our delicious spicy salad.



1a: Chicken breast 300g (boneless & skinless)

2a: Tandoori masala 1ts

3a: Salt as per taste

4a: Yogurt 1tbs

5a: Lemon juice 1ts

6a: Chili flakes 1tbs

A: Method:

Cut chicken in half inch strips and wash it, in a bowl add tandoori masala, salt, yogurt, lemon juice and chili flakes and mix well, add chicken strips and mix very well.
Add mixture in a non stick pan and cover with a lid, cook for about 15 minutes or till chicken is cooked on low flame.
Put it on the side.


1b: Red kidney beans, rinsed, drained 200g

2b: Lettuce 1 baby cos (shredded)

3b: Sweetcorn 1 handful (boiled)

4b:  Cucumber 1 small (trimmed & coarsely chopped)

5b: Red capsicum half (seeded and coarsely chopped)

6b: Avocado half (stone removed and coarsely chopped)

7b: Tomato 1 (coarsely chopped)

8b: Eggs 2 (hard boiled and sliced)

9b: Red onion half (finely chopped)

10b: Fresh coriander leaves 1 cup

11b: Taco seasoning 1tbs

12b: Lemon juice 2tbs

13b: Honey 1 tbs

14b: Black pepper powder as per taste


Combine the lettuce, beans, corn, cucumber, capsicum, avocado, tomato, onion and coriander in a bowl.
Add cooked chicken and mix well,
Combine the seasoning, lemon juice and honey in a small bowl.
Drizzle over the salad and toss gently to combine. Season with salt and pepper.
Put it in a tray and garnish with egg slices, sprinkle black pepper powder and serve.

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