Sunday, 14 February 2016

Chapati Choori

Chapati Choori

Today i wanted to share how to make chapatis but 14th of February celebrated as lover's day so i decided to share a recipe which has been the center piece of the biggest Punjabi Love story for centuries. Choori! very quick to make and yummy as anything. The story behind it has been well publicized by the Indian / Pakistani cinema and poets of both nations. Even in this modern age this story has not gone out of date and people still love it to bits.

This picture was taken from google just for reference and have no intention of harming any rights.

Legend has it that a man called Dheedo from the Jatt sub clan Ranjha living in a village called Takht Hazara in Punjab Pakistan is the youngest brother of four, has a dispute with his sister in laws because they wanted him to help his brothers in the fields instead he plays flute with his friends all day, he asks in sister in law to make food for him but she refuses and tells him that he should have Heer cooking food for him, Heer was a daughter of very wealthy man from Jhang in Punjab Pakistan also a Jatt clan Sial and she was well known for her beauty. Ranjha leaves home and reaches the village of Heer, she is playing with her friends and sees her and falls in love with her beauty, eventually her father gives him job herding his cattle, He pays flute and Heer falls in love. 

She makes Choori for him everyday because she can hide it, for 12 years he works there till villagers find out and get Heer married. He looks for her all over Punjab for years till he finds her, They come back to Heer's Birth village and father of Heer decides to get them married but Heer's uncle feeds her the poisoned Ladoo (Sweets), Ranjha runs to save her but finds her dead and he eats same ladoo and dies next to her. If you like it please do use comment box below and do not forget to subscribe our site to get new recipes everyday, we don't just share the recipes from around the world, we dig the history for you to bring some of the best recipes for you and we bring the memories of ancient life into your kitchen.


1: Chapatis 2 (hot)

2: Butter as required (melted)

3: Sugar as required (originally used jaggery)


Take the hot chapati and drizzle over the butter and sugar.
Working with fingers of both the hands, crush the chapatti to medium sized crumbs 
Adjust the texture to your liking by crushing it as desired.

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