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Mughlai Chicken Korma

Mughlai Chicken Korma

They would say anyone who could cook a Korma he could cook for the Moghul court. It is the dish you can say matches the heights of Mughal empire which ran from Kabul to Dehli. The empire was so big that by the time British left six huge nations were carved out of it. Today almost 40% of the world's population lives in just that part of the world which was ruled by the Mughals. Their favorite hobbies were hunting and eating, so you can imagine if Korma was treated as a special dish by the people who gave us 1000s of the best dishes in the history then that dish must be something.

Korma is an Urdu word derived from Turkish word kavurma meaning "cooked meat". Even after 500 years the dish is still treated as a special occasion food, and surprisingly the method has not changed. If you like it please do use comment box below and do not forget to subscribe our site to get new recipes everyday, we don't just share the recipes from around the world, we dig the history for you to bring some of the best recipes for you and we bring the memories of ancient life into your kitchen.


1: Chicken 1/2 kg (cut in pieces)

2: Butter 2tbsp

3: Oil 2tbsp

4: Ginger & Garlic paste 2tbsp

5: Turmeric powder 1tsp

6: Onion 3 medium (sliced or chopped)

7: Lemon juice 1tsp

8: Bay leaf 1

9: Caraway seeds 1tsp

10: Yogurt 1 cup

11: All spices 1tbsp

12 Red chili powder 1tbsp

13: Salt as per taste

14: Green cardamom 3

15: Black cardamom 1

16: Sugar 1tsp

17: Melon seeds 2tsp

18: Sesame seeds 1tsp

19: Almonds 6

20: Cashew nuts 6

21: Coconut powder 2tbsp

22: Coriander leaves 1/2 cup (finely chopped)

23: Mace powder 1tsp


In a bowl add Lemon juice, salt and turmeric powder and mix well, add the chicken pieces and marinate the chicken well, set aside.
In a grinder add melon seeds, almonds, coconut powder, sesame seeds and cashew nuts and grinder them till thick paste is made (use only bit of water or milk).
Heat the oil and butter in a pan, add marinated chicken and cook till chicken has browned, remove the chicken from the pan, add the pan and cook till brown on medium flame, add bay leaf, caraway seeds, green cardamom, black cardamom, sugar and salt, cook for a minute, add ginger & garlic paste, cook until raw smell of ginger goes is gone.
Add half of yogurt and cook until water evaporates.
Add chicken pieces cover and simmer for 10 mins, add rest of yogurt, grinder paste and cook for 3 to 4 mins.
add salt for seasoning and coriander leaves. Sprinkle all spices and mace powder switch off the flame and cover with the lid for few minutes.
Serve hot with Naans, Chapatis or Boiled rice...


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